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We offer our massage treatments to fit your schedule, please call or text 970-389-7370 to make an appointment. I am always willing to work on scheduling something to meet your needs.

Erika Tobias has lived and practiced her skills in Breckenridge, Colorado for nearly 20 years. She received her degree in massage therapy from the Colorado School of Healing Arts and has been a practicing certified massage therapist since 2003. She has continued her education in ortho-bionomy and is certified in sports massage, neuromuscular massage, neck and head pain management.

Erika has integrated a physical vascular therapy device into her massage. This device affects the micro-vessels which are the most important function of the body and serves 74% of the bodies circulation. It brings the oxygen and nutrients into the cells and removes body waste. This enhances the massage and can support oxygen levels in this high altitude.  The specific device is a U.S. FDA registered Medical Device that can claim seven enhancements:

  1. General blood-flow
  2. Nutrient and oxygen supply
  3. Waste disposal
  4. Cardiac function
  5. Physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy
  6. Concentration and mental acuity
  7. Stress reduction, relaxation and sleep management

To learn more about this life enhancing device contact Erika to learn more and get your massage today using this amazing innovative technology during your massage.

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