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Erika offers a unique and very effective massage technique.  Her Deep Foot Bar massage was one of the best massages I have ever had.  Having raced triathlons for over 20 years, I have had my fair share of massages and I found that her technique was able to work muscles in a deeper, yet pain free way. I highly recommend you try it !

  • Mike C, Breckenridge, CO


The right side of my back under my shoulder blade has been bothersome since last winter.  I think the problem arose from shoveling over 400” of snow and my A Type personality to clear ever inch off our driveway & walkways.  This nagging pain has been in my back and travels down from there for the past 6 months.  I’ve asked family members for a back rub at every opportunity but they can’t seem to get to the “spot”. I finally went to see Erika Tobias, Kingdom Massage yesterday.  She was able to work her way into the location.  It seems pretty deep under my shoulder blade and she found it.  Wow, yes that’s it—it hurt but at the same time it felt good to finally move that muscle & tissue around.  It feels sore today but it’s a good sore as it seems to be awakening that area to heal.  I still feel the pain from the overuse/injury but the deep tissue/muscle work that Erika did is loosening that entire area up including my neck and arm—all related.  I’m thinking I’ll need 1-2 more treatments to finally be rid of that painful area. I’m sure glad I finally made the appointment and look forward to the next few days to see how the pain subsides and then my progress after 1-2 more appointments.  I know I let it go too long and probably made the area more inflamed. Thanks Erika for your determination to find the “spot” and work that area to get it healing now.

  • Kathie Kralik, Breckenridge


As an active gardener in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado  at 9,200 feet elevation, I am challenged by the rocky soil and must dig with a pick axe and shovel. Going for a massage with a sore back and tired shoulder muscles is the best therapy. Erika is able to find all the "hot spots" and I return home without the soreness and feeling very relaxed. Ready for more.

  • Phyllis Raynor


I can remember the first time I went to Erika thinking she was different from other massage therapists. It was an experience unlike I have ever gotten from one of those massage mill places where people come and go with the season. During this first session I asked Erika to work on my legs as I was mountain biking quite a bit and they were quite sore. I was wondering why she proceeded to massage parts of my back and hesitantly asked her why she was starting there. She explained to me how so many muscles are all connected throughout the body and to work on just the legs would be like making scrambled eggs without a yolk. She continued explaining body parts and other things that I could not repeat if I had to. The great news is I don’t have to know all that stuff because Erika does! All I have to do is show up, say what is hurting and she takes care of the rest. It’s that easy! As an avid mountain biker I know however much I push my body to the limit, there is a massage therapist in Breckenridge that will help me keep my wheels rolling.

  • Michael Yura


Absolutely the best. For the past three years, my sessions with Erika have immensely improved my enjoyment of my ski vacations to Breck, as well as increasing my knowledge of the muscles used in skiing. Being a skier for 59 years, I love the familiar stiff and tired “body buzz” after a day on the mountain, and these session with Erica transform that recovery period into a weightless, floating sensation. A total professional, she has chased down very specific areas of fatigue/stress, and also gives a wonderful full body massage. The skis days following a session I am more flexible, livelier with my technique, have more explosive power, and I am less fatigued. Great location, parking and lovely studio with natural light. She has been very accommodating, when able, to find a same day appointment time. A perfect world would include sessions with Erika every other day.

  • Peter Rockrise

I was in Summit County and in need of a massage. On short notice, Erika was able to get me in and provide the best massage of my life. She provided a holistic treatment that was both relaxing and therapeutic. Wonderful touch with the right amount of pressure. Great experience and will certainly be back next time I am in town.

  • Bruce Henry



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